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Here we have articles on homebuilding, remodeling, home improvement, carpentry and all related topics. This content is here to help and assist you with your home projects.

We will be adding more articles as time goes on.

Door Articles

Installing;An Exterior Door

Rough Openings For Doors

How to Install a Prehung Door

Rough Openings For Bifold Doors

Roof Cutting And Framing Articles

How To Frame A Gable Roof

The Full Length Roof Framer;TheBook

Framing A Hip Roof

Cutting Rafters Easily and Efficiently

How To Frame A Gable Overhang

Wall Layout And Framing

Homebuilding: Raising Walls

How To Build Headers

Framing Window and Door Openings

Simple Layout And Framing Of Walls

Homebuilding and Framing Layout

Steel, Sill Plate, Plywood Articles

How To Set Basement Steel

How To Install Sill Plates

How To Lay Tongue And Groove Plywood

Window Articles

Installing Windows in New Construction

Choosing Window Frames

Garage Door Openings

How To Frame A Garage Door Rough Opening


Simplifying Stair Rise And Run Calculations

Tool Articles

The Speed Square: A Carpenters Choice

Nail Guns:To Use Or Not To Use

Must Have Tools For Homebuilding


Drywall Articles

Drywall Installation

How To Bend Drywall

House Plan Articles

Choosing The Right House Plan

Home Building Plans Online

A Beginner's Guide to Buying House Plans

Remodeling And Additions

Planning a Second Story Addition

Two Story Homes More Bang For Your Buck

Building a Home Addition

Concrete Cutting: Shedding Light OnYour Basement Remodel

Contractor Articles

Where Are All the Good Contractors!!

How to Deal With Contractors

Siding Articles

How To Install Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding: The Misunderstood Finish

How To Do A Siding Takeoff


Miscellaneous Building and Home Improvement Articles


Do You Really Need Framing Estimating Software?

Figuring Lumber Amounts for Homebuilding

Homebuilding Lumber Checklist

How to Build a Home Sauna

3 Things to Consider when Building a Greenhouse


Save Money On Home Improvement Projects


Building By The Square Foot





Door Openings


Garage Door Openings


Lumber Takeoffs

Nail Guns

Plywood Deck 


Roof Framing


Sill Plates

Speed Square






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