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Whether your a professional or a do-it-yourselfer we will try to provide you with the information you need to start and/or
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remodeling or home improvement project we hope to have the
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Building a new home can be a thrilling, exciting, and
fulfilling experience, but things can go south if you don't
have the right contractor or the knowledge to see the
project through. Before taking on a project of this
magnitude, do your homework and research the aspects of
building your own home. Go to our e-books page and check out
" How to build a New Home" and"Guide to Building Your Own
. For the do-it-yourselfer there are articles on
different parts of the homebuilding experience. Some of the
articles you will find on this subject include installing
windows, hanging doors, framing walls, choosing house plans,
and figuring stair layout.



Home Improvement

There are many projects that fall under the category of home improvement. Home improvement could be a project as small as caulking a window, or installing a brick paver patio, or as big as building a greenhouse or putting on an addition. Before you start any project find the information you need to do the job right.


Many of the tasks taken on during a remodeling job are the same as ones found when building a home. One big difference is lots of times remodeling involves some  It demolition work before any new work can begin.can involve one room like a kitchen or bath, or it can be a room addition or a second story addition.

Some Articles you may find of interest include:

Framing A Hip Roof     (New!)

One of the two most popular roof designs, if not the most
popular is the hip roof. Not only  does it add architectural
lines to the design of a house, but it also offers more
protection from the elements to walls, windows, and doors,
when framed with a generous overhang. It  also lends more
to the structural integrity of a home with its rafters
tying off to all four  corners and walls of the structure.

Cutting Common Rafters

Common rafters are, well, the most common rafter when it
comes to residential roof framing. Gable roofs are built
with all common rafters, as are shed roofs. A hip roof,
depending on the length of the building, has at least four
common rafters. The rest of the rafters in a hip roof are
called hip and jack rafters.

Framing A Gable Roof

There are many styles of homes that are built with gable
roofs. It is the simplest roof of all to frame. It is also
the most common roof built for that reason alone.

Cutting Rafters Easily and Efficiently

One of the most time consuming tasks in homebuilding can be the cutting of a roof. In some cases it can take as long to cut and frame the roof as it does to frame the rest of the house. It can also require a lot of space to get the job done. It is in ones best interests to plan ahead during the course of construction to be ready when it comes time to cut the roof. more

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