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  • Sawkerfs has information on building homes, home improvement and remodeling. There are articles on many aspects of these topics. There are articles on carpentry, building walls, stairs, cutting and framing roofs. installing interior and exterior doors, laying plywood decking, setting basement steel and much more.
  • This page contains how to articles on homebuilding, remodeling and home improvement.There are artilcles on building and framing walls,stairs, roofs and many other aspects of the building trades.
  • Learn how to cut common rafters. Contains all the information needed to find the length and layout rafter cuts. Layout the plumb cut, birdsmouth, and the rafter tail cut. Also contains a rafter table source for finding rafter lengths.
  • This article is about the basic steps of how to frame a hip roof. It includes all the components used to frame a hip roof such as, the common rafter, the hip rafter, the jack rafter, and the ridge board. Valley rafters are nearly the same as hip rafters so the same rules apply.
  • This article is about the different uses of nail guns in homebuilding.It is about when to use nail guns and when not to.It covers all aspects of the homebuilding process, including, floor joists, wall framing and sheathing, ceiling joists, and roof framing and sheathing.
  • This is a review of the book"The Full Length Roof Framer" by A. F. J. Riechers. This book not only gives you rafter lengths for any pitch roof you want to cut, but also tells you how to do it. This is the bible for cutting roofs for many a carpenter.Gives info on common rafters, jack rafters ,hip rafters, and valley rafters.
  • This is an article on how to layout walls, floor joists, ceiling joists and rafters when building a house. This article gives the how and why for layout in homebuilding.
  • This article is about how to raise a wall after it has been laid out and built. Find out how to safely and correctly do this phase in homebuilding.
  • This article is about how to frame rough openings for windows and doors. It tells you what steps to take to make sure the process of framing these openings goes smoothly and correctly whether building a house, putting on an addition, or simply remodeling a house.
  • This article is about the ins and outs of hanging a prehung door. Where to start what to look for and tricks of how to install a prehung door. The knowledge of installing prehung doors can be used in homebuilding as well as remodeling.
  • This article tells you what you need to know about door rough openings. It goes as far as to give you rough openings for the most common doors found for homebuilding or a remodeling job. How to frame a rough opening.
  • Why vinyl siding is misunderstood. Myths about vinyl siding are debunked.
  • This article is about all aspects of drywall installation. how to hang, tape, and finish drywall are included in this article. Also tools that are needed to hang drywall. Good knowledge to know if your building a house or just remodeling
  • How to frame a garage door rough opening in new construction can be found in this article. You can learn how to figure the rough opening for any size garage door opening.
  • This article is about what it takes to build a header, whether it be a door header, window header, garage door header, or pass thru. Article also tells you how to determine what size to make a header. Very helpful when building a home or a remodeling project.
  • Figuring_Lumber_Amounts_for_Homebuilding.html
  • This article is about the process of laying down tongue and groove plywood over floor joists. This gives step by step details of covering floor framing (joists) with plywood.
  • This article is about how to set up to cut rafters easily and efficiently. It gives one options on how to cut rafters and making the most of your time during the task. Find out what tools and equipment are needed to do the job.
  • This article is about framing the simplest of all roofs, the gable roof. This article tells you the easiest and safest way to go about framing the gable roof. It tells you the how and when to connect the two main components, the ridge board and the rafter.
  • This article is about how to estimate the amount of siding one needs to side a house from a blueprint. Terms such as takeoff, square footage, and squares are used and explained
  • This article is about one of the first steps toward framing a house. How to install sill plates on the foundation straight and square will almost insure a quality rough framing job.
  • This article will give you the basics on cutting and installing stairs. It tells you how to figure the rise and run of stairs in simple language. Useful in homebuilding and remodeling projects.
  • This article is about installing the structural steel of a house. This includes the steel beams and lally columns. Along with the foundation, this supports the rest of the house components (floors, walls, ceilings, rafters, and roof).
  • Must_Have_Tools_For_Homebuilding.html
  • This article explains how to layout wall studs when constructing a wall. It tells you where to put wall and how to layout for doors and windows.
  • This article gives quick reference to how to install a window in a rough opening.
  • Choosing_The_Right_House_Plan.html
  • Choosing_Finish_Materials_When_Building_Your_Own_Home.html
  • This article is about how to plan for a second story addition. It takes into account the necessary steps in planning your addition without getting any surprises.
  • Two_Story_Homes_More_Bang_For_Your_Buck.html
  • This article is about the different types of saunas and how to build a home sauna.
  • Home_Building_Plans_Online.html
  • 3_Things_to_Consider_when_Building_a_Greenhouse.html
  • Installing_a_Brick_or_Paver_Walkway.html
  • Concrete_Cutting_Shedding_Light_On_Your_Basement_Remodel.html
  • How_to_Hang_a_Prehung_Door.html
  • This article is about things to consider when building an addition. Most topics are about things that can happen during the construction process.
  • Where_Are_All_the_Good_Contractors!!.html
  • How_to_Deal_With_Contractors.html
  • Choosing_Window_Frames.html
  • A_Beginner's_Guide_to_Buying_House_Plans.html
  • Save_Money_On_Home_Improvement_Projects.html
  • Carpenters.html
  • This article is about how square footage is used in all aspects of homebuilding. Carpentry framing, roofing, drywall, siding, plywood, flooring and most other materials used in building a home are figured by calculating the square feet.
  • This article is about the characteristics of an exterior door whether it be steel, fiberglass, or wood. Describes how to install an exterior door. Incliuded is how and where to place shims in the jamb, nailing the brickmoulding, and how to plumb, level and square up the door during installation.
  • This article is about how to frame a gable overhang. It includes how to cut fly rafters and construct them into gable overhangs. Also describes the process off adding them to the last common rafter.
  • This article is about how to use the Swanson Speed Square and its many uses. It is used for wall layout, rafter layout and cutting, and finding angles among many other uses.
  • This article is about the basics of how to install vinyl siding. How to install the siding as well as the starter strip, outside corners, undersill, and J-channel.
  • This article describes how to bend drywall. Included are the techniques used to bend drywall for curved walls and other surfaces.
  • Facts and tips that can be used as a reference for homebuilding and remodeling, From hanging a door to cutting a roof to installing a set of stairs. there is information that just about anyone can use.
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